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Tammy Hensley

Office Manager

Tammy is the hardest team member to put a title for her job and all the different roles she fills within our team. Tammy is a jack of all trades and adds so much value to our team. She assists with managing the office/business, intake and scheduling, billing, and credentialing. Within each of these categories, she takes on a variety of tasks to keep things at Kids & Company and Arise Behavioral Health running smoothly. She truly acts as a glue to keep everything together most days and is one of the hardest working individuals that any of us have ever had the pleasure of working with. 


Tammy works hard to ensure that you as clients are receiving the best support possible and works to make it so our clinicians can focus more of their time and energy on clinical work. She works hard to answer any questions you have or track down the answers to your questions. Tammy is often the voice on the other end of the phone when you call our office. We are lucky to have her as a member of our team. 

Tammy resides in Oregon with her significant other and dog. She enjoys being a mom and exploring throughout Oregon.

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