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Our Story

In 2019, Kids & Company Counseling opened its doors in Roseburg, Oregon. What started out as an office with a single provider, has evolved over the years. Deborah, our owner, had a passion for building relationships and wanted to move away from a quota-based model in the mental health service world, to one in which she would be able to focus more on client care. Deborah quickly established relationships with local schools and medical providers in the area to build a strong support for the local community.


In 2020, Deborah and her daughter, Jolene, made the choice to begin expanding services into Eagle River, Alaska where Jolene was newly based out of. This was a large step for a small business, but one that quickly became a strong support in a second community as well. While Jolene had been working within Alaska mental health services for several years, this was based out of a different location and Jolene was new to an area in which she knew none of the local providers or support services available. Jolene set out to build relationships with other local providers and schools and over the next year had built a supportive service within her local community.

Over the past two years, we've slowly begun the transition to offer more telehealth services and expand from primarily seeing kids and teens, to offering more adult services. Telehealth has also allowed us to transition services into Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington which has been in addition to our previously provided services in Alaska and Oregon. As we've continued to see a high need for services for all ages and populations, we as owner/partner in the business felt it was important to expand our business to meet community needs. Thus, in 2022, Arise Behavioral Health came to be. Arise is our telehealth services focused on adult populations and needs.

Our hope is to provide the option for quality, person-centered care to individuals throughout these states. 

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